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  1. Plastic2Oil Announces New Contracts For The Sale Of Proprietary Plastic2Oil™ Processors And License Of Plastic2Oil™ Technology

    Plastic2Oil, Inc. (OTC:PTOI) (the "Company"), a clean energy company that manufactures and sells Plastic2Oil™ processors that convert waste plastic into liquid fuels and licenses related technology, is pleased to announce that on January 2, 2015, the Company entered into a series of contracts providing for the sale of six Plastic2Oil™ processors to EcoNavigation, LLC of Victor, New York ("EcoNavigation") over a three year period, and the non-exclusive license of technology and sale of its proprietary catalyst to EcoNavigation, as well as monitoring and maintenance

  2. Breakthrough Solid Drilling Waste Management Technology Receives Attention From Oil & Gas Industry

    According to the American Petroleum Institute, for every foot drilled in the U.S., 1.21 barrels of drilling waste are generated – approximately half of this is solid drilling waste

  3. Metso To Supply Automation Technology For A Greenfield Waste-To-Energy Plant In Krakow, Poland

    Metso will supply automation technology for a greenfield waste-to-energy plant currently under construction in Krakow, Poland. With advanced automation solutions, the plant will be able to efficiently control the process of turning waste into green energy, reach high process availability and extract maximum energy value from the waste

  4. R.A.K.I Computers Boasts 200 Tons Of E-Waste Recycled In 2014 Alone

    With the year coming to a close, R.A.K.I. Computers Recycling has set an example for tackling the improper disposal of E-waste. In 2014 alone, R.A.K.I. recycled an estimated 200 tons of electronic equipment! This equipment ranges from traditional IT hardware such as desktops and printers to unconventional E-waste found in Houston’s diverse industrial markets like geophysical and pipeline testing

  5. Ericsson And Airtel Partner For Responsible e-Waste Disposal And Recycling

    Airtel to participate in Ericsson’s global Ecology Management Product Take-Back Program. Ericsson’s Program covers the collection, decommissioning, transport, storage and disposal of obsolete technology. Equipment to be disposed of by globally accredited e-waste recycling partners, minimizing risk of illegal scrapping.

  6. For Old Electronics: Don’t Think Trash Think e-Cycling

    In 2013 each American household owned on average 28 electronic devices, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. But with advancing technology, sleeker, shinier and faster cell phones, computers, tablets, mp3 players and televisions are finding their way onto many holiday gift lists. And into the hands of American consumers.

  7. Metso To Deliver Automation Technology For Hamburger Hungaria Power's New Power Plant In Hungary

    Hamburger Hungaria Power Ltd, a subsidiary of the leading European containerboard manufacturer Prinzhorn Group, has ordered automation technology from Metso for its new power plant in Dunaujvaros, Hungary

  8. National Waste & Recycling Association Comments On California Recycling, Safety Regs

    The National Waste & Recycling Association (NW&RA) recently provided comments to two California regulatory bodies on two separate rule proposals, respectively involving the state’s recycling goals and waste collection vehicle safety

  9. Omni Announces A New Line Of Waste Oil Heaters

    EconoHeat Inc., an industry leader of efficient waste oil heaters announced the debut of 6 models of waste oil heaters: The OWH-150, 250, 350, 350b, 500 and 500b.

  10. Orlando Dumpster Rental Company Provides Services To New Restaurant Construction

    Sunshine Recycling, a premiere roll off dumpster rental company in Orlando, is supplying a construction company with their services for a new restaurant development site in Clermont, Florida. The project began in November and is expected to finish next year

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