Current Headlines

  1. Chattanooga Project Demonstrates Methane-To-Electric Moment

    Methane-to-electric projects are a hot topic in the wastewater sector these days.

  2. DC Water Gets Charged Up On Human Excrement

    The wastewater servicer in the nation’s capital has harnessed human excrement to generate 13 megawatts of electricity.

  3. New Catalytic Process Treats Cyanide In Industrial Waste

    Chemists at the University of Amsterdam have discovered a new process for removing cyanide from industrial wastewater.

  4. SCS Engineers Awarded Contract By Pinellas County For Environmental Consulting And Construction Services

    The Pinellas Board of County Commissioners has hired SCS Engineers to manage its side slope closure project at the Bridgeway Acres Landfill. SCS will also provide construction quality assurance, construction contract administration services, and geosynthetic materials conformance and field test services

  5. Stratton Mountain Recognized For Diverting Food Waste

    Stratton Mountain Resort is the only Vermont organization to be recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for efforts in diverting food waste

  6. Duke Energy Proposing On-Site Coal Ash Landfill At W.S. Lee Station

    Duke Energy Carolinas has started the permitting process to safely manage coal ash at the W.S. Lee Station in Belton, S.C., by constructing a fully lined on-site landfill

  7. Shiloh Industries' 11th Facility Reaches Landfill-Free Status

    Shiloh Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHLO), a leading supplier of lightweighting, noise and vibration solutions, announced its 11th manufacturing facility has achieved landfill-free status

  8. Sense Technologies Enters The $49B Waste Collection Services Industry With A Commercial Vehicle Safety Solution Aimed At Saving Lives

    Sense Technologies, Inc. (OTC PINK: SNSFG) announced today that it is entering the $49 Billion waste collection service industry with safety solutions for blind spot detection systems aimed at saving lives

  9. ‘Planned Discharge’ Dumps 2 Billion Gallons Of Sewage Into River

    Montreal officials are under fire for a plan to dump 2 billion gallons of raw sewage into the St. Lawrence, the city’s main river, over the course of a week.

  10. Multi-Billion Dollar Waste Management Sector Powered By Leading Performance Operations & Recent Acquisitions As Demand Rises For Vertically Integrated Solid Waste Services

    Positive outlook rises for waste management industry while waste services companies aim to improve resources and consolidate operations through acquisitions to increase revenue and productivity as recycling quickly becomes one of the fastest growing services in the industry