Current Headlines

  1. Solterra Recycling Solutions Completes Acquisition Of Bridge Disposal

    Solterra Recycling Solutions ("Solterra") announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Bridge Disposal, a provider of solid waste collection services

  2. POSCO E&C Completes Construction Of The Largest Waste-To-Power Plant In Poland

    POSCO E&C (CEO Han Chan-kun) announced that it has successfully completed construction of the waste-to-power plant in the Polish city of Krakow, valued at $250M (including VAT)

  3. Cleanaway Selects BHS For Large Commingled Recycling System

    Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd has selected US-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) to design, engineer, manufacture and install a 50 tonne-per-hour (tph) Commingled Recycling system at the company’s new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Perth

  4. Eco-Catalyst Announces Solutions For Profitable Product End Of Life (EOL) Management

    Eco-Catalyst announced its formal launch to provide software and consulting services to recyclers, materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and manufacturers for the design, tracking and optimization of their product EOL operations and programs for greatest profitability and sustainability

  5. E-Waste Poses Environmental And Regulatory Challenges, Chubb Advises

    Pollution due to electronic waste (e-waste) continues to be a growing concern that has drawn the attention of federal and state regulators, according to a new advisory from Chubb

  6. Waste-To-Energy Technologies Market - Global Industry Analysis, Key Trends And Opportunities 2016 - 2023

    Several countries across the globe are devising ways to approach the subject waste disposal in environmental ways. For instance, EU has implemented a strict regulatory framework pertaining to disposal of waste, which in turn has forced member states to actively take part in incentivizing waste management solutions through recycling facilities

  7. Connecticut Joins ‘WRAP’ Initiative To Boost Plastic Film Recycling

    Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Flexible Film Recycling Group (FFRG) today announced a public-private partnership that will increase opportunities for residents and businesses to recycle flexible film packaging

  8. Sewage Spews Into New York Homes

    A couple is pursuing legal action after sewage gushed out of the toilet and left an ankle-deep mess in their New York home.

  9. The First Integrated Solution For Waste Management To Be Built In Hungary With Co-Funding From The European Union

    AmoTerra (AMT) and the Government of Hungary announces their plan to build the first ever total program installation for remediating waste streams, including mixed waste and radioactive material. Incorporating proven leading-edge technologies, this integrated holistic management system not only remediates waste, but also recovers greater amounts of materials to be recycled, up-cycled and sold

  10. Baltimore To Receive $1.2 Billion In Sewer Upgrades By 2030

    Residents of Baltimore may finally be able to relax a little when it comes to their beloved city’s crumbling sewer system.