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  1. InventHelp Introduces Bucket To Facilitate Cleanup Of Solid Pet Waste (BFT-529)

    An inventor from Detroit, Mich., knows how important it is to keep up with removing solid pet waste from yards and other outdoor areas

  2. Constructive Playthings Implements New 'Green Initiative'

    In a recent drive to become more eco-sensitive, Constructive Playthings, a division of US Toy Company, has made significant changes to its operations

  3. Vikoz Plastic Scrap Recycling Company Makes Recycling Plastic Scrap Simple

    Recycling plastic is easier than ever now that Vikoz Enterprises will pick up loads of recyclable plastic anywhere in the United States. Over the past half century, in practically every conceivable aspect of daily life, the world has been inundated by plastics

  4. Las Terrazas Resort In Belize Goes Green With Eco-Friendly Vero Water

    Las Terrazas Resort is pleased to announce its brand new, eco-friendly initiative following the installation of its brand new Vero Water purification system at O Restaurant. The Vero water filtration system removes impurities, chemicals and imperfections, resulting in a clean signature taste that’s both healthy and environmentally friendly

  5. E.L. Harvey & Sons Opens New Recycling Facility

    E.L. Harvey & Sons has opened a new state-of-the-art single stream recycling facility to serve residents in the Hopkinton, Westborough and surrounding areas. The materials recovery facility (MRF) was designed, manufactured and installed by Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

  6. LiteEarth Performance And Durability Proven Through Independent Testing

    The performance, durability and regulatory compliance of LiteEarth has been proven through extensive independent testing applicable to long-term closure of municipal solid waste (MSW), coal combustion residuals (CCR), mining and more

  7. Recycling Equipment Canada Partners With OBC Baling Equipment To Distribute MG Recycling Equipment

    Recycling Equipment Canada is pleased to announce that it has partnered with OBC Baling Equipment to support the distribution of MG Recycling branded equipment throughout Canada

  8. Green Gas Americas Inc. Acquires Landfill-Gas-To-Energy Project From Lime Energy

    Lime Energy and Green Gas Americas, Inc., recently announced that Green Gas has acquired Lime Energy’s 2.8 MW landfill-gas-to-energy project located in Charlotte County, Florida, through the acquisition of Lime Energy’s subsidiary, GES-Port Charlotte, LLC, which owns the project

  9. AQUAmaxx Recycles Concrete Slurry Wastewater Into A Clean Water Source

    Many do not see the value of wastewater, but at Gelmaxx, we see its potential for use. Turning wastewater into a clean and reusable resource may seem daunting, but our AQUAmaxx separator recycles concrete slurry water into a safe water supply. Reusing the water not only helps save resources, but it reduces the amount of waste

  10. Midwest Warehouse Helps International Retailer Go Green By Making Recycling Easy

    An international retailer had a problem: their stores had cardboard and plastics piling up and it was becoming a mess and they turned to Midwest warehouse provider FW Warehousing for assistance

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