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  1. Jacksonville Roll Off Dumpster Company Provides Hauling Services For New Bulkhead Construction At The Mayport Naval Base

    Jacksonville roll off dumpster company Sunshine Recycling is currently executing a large-scale construction project to design and build a new bulkhead at the Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, Florida

  2. Leading Companies Will Demonstrate Sustainable Solutions For Waste Management On 'Save The Planet' 2015

    In the coming years South-East Europe will play an important part in reaching the common European goals for a resource-effective and environment-friendly economy. The countries from the Region have already started reforms for sustainable waste management, the success of which relies on adequate legislation, politics, encouragement of social responsibility and the availability of modern technologies

  3. FMI Saves Energy And Materials In Medical Silicone Molding Cleanroom Operations

    FMI Inc., a firm that specializes in ultra-clean molding of silicone parts for medical devices, has achieved energy savings and reduced waste in its operations in 2014, netting approximately $18,000 in electric usage savings in one year

  4. Mermet USA Targets Zero Waste With GreenScreen® Recovery Program

    As part of an effort to maintain its place as a leader in the sustainable solar shade market, Mermet USA has announced the GreenScreen® Recovery Program. Now, in addition to providing a portfolio of solar shades manufactured with a high percentage of recycled fibers, Mermet will, through the GreenScreen® Recovery Program, provide a unique opportunity for customers to recycle used and excess fabrics

  5. Grant Program Sparks Interest And Improvements In Residential Foam Recycling

    The Foam Recycling Coalition launched a new grant program to help fund infrastructure for the collection, processing and marketing of products made from polystyrene foam

  6. Zero Waste Solutions For Every Business And Material

    Avangard Innovative, the largest recycler in the Americas with operations in 12 countries, rings in the New Year by partnering with BioHitech America

  7. Plastic2Oil Announces New Contracts For The Sale Of Proprietary Plastic2Oil™ Processors And License Of Plastic2Oil™ Technology

    Plastic2Oil, Inc. (OTC:PTOI) (the "Company"), a clean energy company that manufactures and sells Plastic2Oil™ processors that convert waste plastic into liquid fuels and licenses related technology, is pleased to announce that on January 2, 2015, the Company entered into a series of contracts providing for the sale of six Plastic2Oil™ processors to EcoNavigation, LLC of Victor, New York ("EcoNavigation") over a three year period, and the non-exclusive license of technology and sale of its proprietary catalyst to EcoNavigation, as well as monitoring and maintenance

  8. Breakthrough Solid Drilling Waste Management Technology Receives Attention From Oil & Gas Industry

    According to the American Petroleum Institute, for every foot drilled in the U.S., 1.21 barrels of drilling waste are generated – approximately half of this is solid drilling waste

  9. Metso To Supply Automation Technology For A Greenfield Waste-To-Energy Plant In Krakow, Poland

    Metso will supply automation technology for a greenfield waste-to-energy plant currently under construction in Krakow, Poland. With advanced automation solutions, the plant will be able to efficiently control the process of turning waste into green energy, reach high process availability and extract maximum energy value from the waste

  10. R.A.K.I Computers Boasts 200 Tons Of E-Waste Recycled In 2014 Alone

    With the year coming to a close, R.A.K.I. Computers Recycling has set an example for tackling the improper disposal of E-waste. In 2014 alone, R.A.K.I. recycled an estimated 200 tons of electronic equipment! This equipment ranges from traditional IT hardware such as desktops and printers to unconventional E-waste found in Houston’s diverse industrial markets like geophysical and pipeline testing

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