• Ericsson And Airtel Partner For Responsible e-Waste Disposal And Recycling

    Airtel to participate in Ericsson’s global Ecology Management Product Take-Back Program. Ericsson’s Program covers the collection, decommissioning, transport, storage and disposal of obsolete technology. Equipment to be disposed of by globally accredited e-waste recycling partners, minimizing risk of illegal scrapping.

  • For Old Electronics: Don’t Think Trash Think e-Cycling

    In 2013 each American household owned on average 28 electronic devices, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. But with advancing technology, sleeker, shinier and faster cell phones, computers, tablets, mp3 players and televisions are finding their way onto many holiday gift lists. And into the hands of American consumers.

  • Omni Announces A New Line Of Waste Oil Heaters

    EconoHeat Inc., an industry leader of efficient waste oil heaters announced the debut of 6 models of waste oil heaters: The OWH-150, 250, 350, 350b, 500 and 500b.

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The Heat Recovery System (HRS) is not an integral part of the system
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