Business Wire

  1. Wheelabrator Honored With State Environmental Stewardship Award

    Wheelabrator Technologies, a worldwide leader in converting everyday household and commercial waste into clean, renewable energy, was recently honored by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Projection (NJDEP) with an environmental stewardship award for its proactive engagement in sustainability initiatives at its Gloucester waste-to-energy facility

  2. Cool Planet And Organic Waste Solutions To Develop Breakthrough Water Treatment Technologies

    Cool Planet Energy Systems, a developer of solutions for the energy, food and water industries with drop-in fuels and advanced CoolTerra biochar products, announced recently the signing of a Memo of Understanding with Organic Waste Solutions, LLC

  3. Waste Management, Ventech, NRG, And Velocys Form A Joint Venture To Pursue Smaller-Scale Gas-To-Liquids Opportunities

    Waste Management, Inc., Ventech Engineers International LLC, NRG Energy, Inc. and Velocys plc recently announced the formation of a joint venture to produce renewable fuels

  4. SENA Waste Services Wins Five-Year Contract To Operate And Maintain Huge Canadian Recycling Center For City Of Edmonton

    SENA Waste Services, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT NORTH AMERICA, announced recently that the City of Edmonton, Alberta, has selected the company for a five-year agreement worth approximately $75M to operate and maintain two key portions of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre

  5. Solvay Launches Production Of Torrefied Biomass, A New Solution That Contributes To Energy Transition

    Solvay has launched the production of torrefied biomass at an industrial scale inthe United States, creating a new business that aims to provide an innovative and renewable energy solution

  6. GTSO And Partner Optimize E-Waste Management In Latin America

    Green Technology Solutions is evaluating the revenue potential of electronic-waste management and the reclamation of resources in Latin America as the Company optimizes the collection of e-waste in that region

  7. UC San Francisco Collaborates With Verliant To Advance Waste Reclamation And Renewable Waste-Derived Energy

    Verliant Sciences (“Verliant”), and the University of California, San Francisco (“UCSF”) have entered into a multi-year collaborative research and development agreement for the analysis and separation of molecular constituents of various waste streams

  8. Veolia And Wheelabrator Technologies Extend 'Green Steam' Supply Agreement To Reduce Baltimore’s Carbon Footprint

    Veolia Energy North America, a leading operator and developer of efficient energysolutions, and Wheelabrator Technologies Inc, a renewable waste-to-energy company with operations in Baltimore since 1985, have extended their 28-year partnership afterthe two companies recently completed a contract renewal

  9. Wilsonart Partners With Green Standards To Repurpose Headquarters Equipment For Central Texas Non-Profits And Reduce Waste, Fuel And Carbon Emissions

    Wilsonart, a leading manufacturer and distributor of decorative surfaces with operations in Temple, Texas, had not only outgrown its 30-year-old headquarters, but the company would soon have to relocate its offices with the expansion of Interstate Highway 35

  10. Plastics Environmental Council To Develop Biodegradation Standard For Plastics Additives And New Certification Seal
    The Plastics Environmental Council (PEC) recently announced the sponsorship of a research study to produce the first standard specification for the landfill biodegradation of petroleum- and natural gas-derived plastics that have been treated with additives that enhance biodegradation