Source: Team Multi-Seal Tire Sealants
MULTI-SEAL Armor-Seal represents the pinnacle in state-of-the-art heavy-duty tire sealants
MULTI-SEAL Armor-Seal Tire Sealant represents the pinnacle in state-of-the-art heavy-duty tire sealants. Armor-Seal was developed for use in the most hazardous tire environment ever conceived-the battlefield. Armor-Seal has been field tested in a variety of military vehicle tires under actual battlefield conditions. Successful testing included puncturing tires with spikes up to 30 mm (1.25 inches), direct rifle fire into the tires, and detonating hand grenades 70 cm (27 inches) from tires. In each case, the test vehicles were then driven 100 miles off-road without any appreciable air loss.

MULTI-SEAL Armor Seal was put to the ultimate test in actual battle conditions in Bosnia and Rwanda with the same success experienced in the above field tests.

It goes without saying ... if Armor-Seal can perform under extreme battlefield conditions, it will provide the ultimate protection needed in any severe industrial or agricultural use, such as log skidders and cargo handling equipment in dock applications. Armor-Seal is recommended for use in all military and extremely hazardous industrial or agriculture applications.

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