Automated Scale Controller

Source: IDMicro LLC
Automated Scale Controller
With the SpeedScale System, no employees are needed and the
IDMicro LLCeedScale System, no employees are needed and the system runs 24-hrs./day, everyday. Systems can run standalone or they can be connected to the SpeedScale Network. The Scale Controller uses breakthrough RFID technology for a modern truck weight system. This is a paperless weigh system. Information needed for billing and tracking loads follows the truck on the microwave remote intelligent module that is affixed to the truck. The RF (radio frequency) module has standard 256 bytes of read/write RAM memory that is expandable to 16K. This means that weigh information is kept both on the truck and at the scale house. A paperless system provides for less human interaction and fewer mistakes. The RF module is standardized so that memory may be partitioned. This allows the both the supplier and the customer to use the same module for their own purposes.

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