CG-610 Compost System

Source: Ag-Bag Environmental

CG-610 Compost System
The Model CG-610 compost system uses a cross-conveyor
Ag-Bag Environmentalis designed for the mid-sized operator. It is built with a cross-conveyor system to utilize side-delivery wagons or trucks. This is especially efficient when portable mixers are used to haul materials to the composting site. Better blending is accomplished using this method. Ag-Bag Environmentalcan also be modified in the hopper to accept front loader filling.

A 65-plus horsepower tractor with a 540 PTO is needed to power the unit. As the EcoPOD fills, Ag-Bag Environmentaland tractor are automatically moved forward. A braking system controls compaction to maintain porosity. Ag-Bag Environmentalcan be a one-person operation by using the mixer-person to fill the EcoPOD as the blended material is unloaded.

Ag-Bag Environmentalplaces the aeration piping inside the EcoPOD as it is being filled. An inoculant applicator is installed to apply starter bacteria which quickens the process.

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