Chemical Grout

Source: Avanti International
Chemical Grout
The AV-118 Duriflex is a water solution of acrylic resins
Avanti International118 Duriflex is a water solution of acrylic resins. With the addition of catalysts, a cohesive gel is formed. The set time of this gel may be closely controlled from a few seconds to several hours. Because the behavior of the materials can be closely controlled under leak flow conditions, it is suitable for sealing leaks in sewer pipe joints and manholes. The grout can be used to control water seepage in soil and rock or cracks and joints in subgrade concrete structures. It has approximately the same viscosity as water (one or two centipoise). When pumped into cracks or soil voids, it produces, after a controlled setting time, an elastic and cohesive gel which stops flowing water.

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