Compactor Receivers

Source: Envirotech Containers International
Compactor Receivers
These compactor receivers are spacious, strong and extra
Envirotech Containers Internationalctor receivers are spacious, strong and extra secure to make loading and unloading easy and safe. They have tarp doors that fold up into the recess when attached to the compactor, and then can be folded down and fully secured to hold any load. The locking system has three points and semi draw-tight action to secure loads. Other features include:

•Caps on the locking rods keep locks secure when sides are under pressure from heavy loads
•Door support gives added strength to prevent door flexing during transport
•Hook plates are one piece, ¾-in. plate gussetted and welded 100% for worry-free hook-up security
•The quick locking system is bolted together so it locks with one throw of the lever
•Long handled lever gives extra leverage to close the door on the bulkiest of loads
•Strong safety chain secures door back while container is being emptied
•Full height, 6-in. x 2-in. runners prevent truck damage and distortion from heavy loads
•All seams are welded 100% inside and out for strength

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