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This brochure will introduce you to Corru-Fill®, a true accomplishment in the fight against global warming and the recycling of "Old and New" corrugated boxes.
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Dear Retailer:
This brochure will introduce you to Corru-Fill®, a true accomplishment in the fight against global warming and the recycling of "Old and New" corrugated boxes. Corru-Fill® although new to you has proven itself to be the best natural packing material you can use to ship just about anything. It has actually been in commercial use for nearly ten years on a limited basis, but only because it has taken some time to develop the quality equipment needed to make it available to the nations economy. In this last year the equipment to produce Corru-Fill® was ready for the market place at competitive price points. Now Corru-Fill® is being distributed and sold in six states, Florida being the most recent. The first distributor for Florida is Sun Container Inc. located in Ft. Lauderdale. Sun Container has been a box manufacture for 17 years in Broward and has recognized the merits and need for a product like Corru-Fill®. Sun Container joins the other companies and retail stores across the USA that are shipping with and selling Corru-Fill®.
Now it is your turn to help us reach the retail consumer. Try this product and here are some reasons why.
Corru-Fill® when used as a packing loose fill surrounds the product. The exposed corrugations (fluting) on each of the one-eighth inch square strips of the Corru-Fill® causes adjacent pieces to catch on to one another, thus forming a lattice. This latticing prevents the product being shipped from moving, shifting or creeping while en route. In concert with this, is the natural buffer of air spaces in each strip of the Corru-Fill®. These air spaces act as a cushion and help protect the product. This reduces breakage to practically nil, and negates most of the weight difference between Corru-Fill® and the polystyrene products. You will also find Corru-Fill® to be static free and very user friendly. You can pick it up and place where you want it and it will stay. Try doing that with "Peanuts". Corru-Fill® is clean and safe; it will not blow around and become a major clean up problem for the user or the receiver.
We also believe that both your sales and profit margins will increase when you start shipping and selling Corru-Fill®. Corru-Fill® is the very first completely recycled, environmentally correct product to ever be offered at the retail level. Your help in bringing this timely product to market for the new millennium is greatly appreciated by all. For your convenience as well as the consumers, Corru-Fill® is offered in four different box sizes and weights, all of which are designed to be shelf-selling boxes. All of this information is enclosed in the brochure along with pricing.
The consumer benefits by getting a product that gives them more value for their dollars. They get the very best new packing material, as well as a box to ship with. They also gain the peace of mind in knowing that whatever is being ship has the best chance of getting there with out any damage or breakage.
As you peruse the enclosed brochure a terrific story will unfold about the development of the product and how it can help your business, help the consumer, preserve the trees and add one more tool to prevent global warming. As a shipper you can now advertise that you are one hundred percent environmentally correct. A win-win for all.
If you have any questions regarding anything at all concerning the use of this product please feel free to contact Corru-Shred Inc 954-942-7873 or your local distributor, Sun Container Inc, 954-772-5900.

Norman D Levine

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