General Purpose Grinder - Maxigrind 460

Source: CMI Corporation
General Purpose Grinder - Maxigrind 460
CMI Maxigrind 460 is capable of processing more than 200 tons per hour of road asphalt for recycling
CMI Maxigrind 460 is capable of processing more than 200 tons per hour of road asphalt for recycling. The wide and very powerful discharge conveyor is perfect for dumping onto the ground, however, it is mainly used to feed a radial stacking conveyor.

The totally enclosed grinding chamber of the Maxigrind allows it to be safely operated in the toughest of applications in close proximity to houses, and people without worry of ejecting the process materials or ungrindables. Shown above on the right, the Maxigrind rotor is completely encapsulated by four bolt-on protective segments. These rotor segments have the bit holders welded to them. This prevents the feed materials from actually touching the rotor at all.

The Maxigrind is a general purpose grinder. Designed to be able to process very tough materials, the Maxigrind is perhaps the only machine that can process some materials such as large pieces of plastic, bales of wire, leather, large diameter wood in excess of 48 inch diameters and many others. If the Maxigrind can't process your desired materials, YOU DON'T NEED A GRINDER, you need some other type of machine.

Key Benefits

  • Extraordinarily high torque rotor drive, provides hours and hours of reliable power. The unreliable hydrostatically powered rotors on similar machines lack the more than 7,000 pound feet of torque of the Maxigrind's Super-Torque system.
  • With the changeable rotor segments and grinding bits, the Maxigrind is by far, the most versatile machine for recycling made anywhere in the world.
  • Perhaps the most important benefit is the expert support from CMI and the trained worldwide dealership network.

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