Incorporation Products

Source: Global Odor Control
Incorporation products are blended or mixed into a liquid or solid substrate in specified dosages.
Incorporation products are blended or mixed into a liquid or solid substrate in specified dosages. Particle size is only relevant in situations where nozzles spray or inject product into the air. In other situations, product diffusion is minimal to nonexistent, resulting in product delivery at weights significantly heavier than air and often with limited or no exposure to the atmosphere. Incorporation may be accomplished by dripping, injecting, spraying, or pouring the selected product into the substrate to be treated. Gravity fed drip systems, automatic metering and dosing systems, pump injection systems and high capacity nozzle systems can be specified and supplied by GOCT on a case-by-case basis, or they may be locally engineered.

Drip systems may be as simple as a properly sized container with a properly sized opening in the base to allow administration of the correct amount of product. Various types of metering and automatic dosing systems are utilized by GOCT, ranging from gravity to PC controlled. In situations where a potential client utilizes batch mixing or continuous mixing in its process, nozzle systems may be attached to the batch tank or process tank and an automatic dosing system may be easily connected. Drip systems and metering pumps are often utilized in grease traps, lift stations and wet wells, holding tanks, and smaller facultative lagoons.

At compost sites, if incoming material passes through a grinder or hammermill, product may be incorporated through nozzles attached to the discharge conveyor. If various feedstocks are batch mixed, product may be incorporated in the batch mixer using the method described above. If neither option is available, nozzles are attached to row turners or loaders and sprayed into the material to be treated utilizing the turning equipment as the mixer.

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