Microbial Cleaner/Degreaser

Source: PHase III Inc. Environmental Products
Microbial Cleaner/Degreaser
Eliminator is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent.
Eliminator is not a soap, detergent or petroleum solvent. It is an industrial strength concentrate, formulated to remove all common soils, grease, oil, wax, gum, dirt, dye, inks, carbon, smoke and exhaust stains. It will clean metal, plastic, rubber, porcelain, concrete and wood surfaces safely and effectively. It is also non-toxic, non-caustic with no VOC's. The formula contains a pure super concentrate of oil eating microbes (106,000,000,000) per gal. Additional features include:

•Readily biodegradable
•pH 7-8 in concentrated form
•Rinses film-free, leaving no residue
•Contains no phosphates, nitrates, sulphates, sulfonates, caustics, terpenes, chlorinated solvents or petroleum by-products
•Ability to biodegrade fats, oils, greases and petroleum based products
•Will enhance natural bacteria found in waste water treatment systems, sewer systems, septic tanks, grease traps, drain lines and clarifiers
•Compatible with oil/water separators
•May be used as a petroleum dispersant and bioremediation agent on open waters
•May be used as a scale deposit inhibitor in heating and cooling systems

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