Multiscreen Model M605B

Source: Multitek, Inc
Multiscreen Model M605B
New Multiscreen Model M605B Minimizes Rejects in High Moisture Composted Organic Material
Multitek, Inc now offers greenwaste managers the most efficient soils screening system of the money. In high moisture conditions the new Model M605B Multiscreen Soils Screening System can't be beat. The M605B Multiscreen exclusive patented offset shaft mounted flexible flail hammers and patented hydraulic powered (13" diameter) cleaning brush inside trommel screen is what separates Multiscreen from all other competitive trommel screens in the market. The 32 belted flail hammers minimize the rejects and dramatically increase the efficiency when screening high moisture composted organic materials. Our secret is as the trommel drum (shortest in the industry) rotates one direction the offset hammers shaft is rotating in the opposite direction, causing organic material to be pulverized and aerated as it passes as fines through the trommel drum. As the clumps and clods of the organic material are broken apart unscreenable hard objects like rocks and wood debris will continue to travel through and are rejected to the overs conveyors. The M605B Multiscreen virtually eliminates the need to run your organic material through the screening process twice. The new M605B Multiscreen will give you the high quality screened and pulverized organic product you demand. For further technical information on the new M605B Multiscreen and the dealer nearest you contact Multitek, Inc at 1-800-243-5438 or visit us on the web at www.

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