News | September 30, 2021

Nexus Reports Unprecedented Momentum With 177% Year Over Year Production Growth At Commercial Scale

The world’s leading circular waste-to-virgin plastics solution further solidifies its proven leadership position globally, within the advanced recycling industry

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) - Nexus, ( the leading circular waste-to-virgin plastics recycler, announced today 177% YoY production growth and rapid cadence with 47% of its total production occurring in recent months. The company’s process is 100% circular, meaning the waste-to-virgin advanced recycling process can be repeated infinitely.

The first in the world to receive the International Sustainability and Carbon-Plus Certification (ISCC Plus) producing at this scale, Nexus uses a proprietary technology to convert a broad range of plastic waste into liquids converted into virgin plastics. The company is successfully producing and selling commercial tanker loads weekly of consistent, high quality, ISCC Plus certified product to its customers like Chevron Phillips Chemical and Shell Chemical. Everything Nexus makes is converted into new plastics. Further, each tanker load is tested before sending and Nexus has had 100% acceptance and use of all its products produced.

Using a scaled, proven solution, Nexus has moved quickly and purposefully over the past year with its partners to address the global plastics waste problem. The company is meeting significant global requests for plants with partnerships previously announced including Cushman & Wakefield for site selection and Wood for rapid construction and roll out. Nexus continues its long-standing relationship with Cox Enterprises and global customers such as Shell Chemical and Chevron Phillips Chemical, among others.

“We are extremely pleased with our progress over the past few months,” said Jeff Gold, CEO and Founder of Nexus. “Managing the complex mix of waste plastic that we process in our plant poses a variety of daunting challenges, but we have overcome these hurdles and are moving forward at an accelerating pace while expanding the range of materials that we can successfully process as we deploy our plastic waste solution on a large scale.”

Nexus recently secured an additional investment from Cox Enterprises to accelerate its market expansion and position the company for long-term sustainability, having now proven un-matched performance at scale. To date, Nexus has diverted close to 3.8 million pounds of broad-based, landfill-bound plastics, exponentially more than the rest of the industry combined, converting them back into liquids to easily create new, reusable plastics.

Eric Hartz, President and co-Founder added, “We’ve shown chemical, or rather molecular, recycling is a viable way to tackle waste plastics worldwide. Consumers, manufacturers and financial markets are seeking real operating businesses like Nexus, as opposed to a promise of technology. Nexus is proving they can meet their customers’ significant demand alongside their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) objectives.”

Nexus has numerous feasibility studies already underway in US, Europe, Asia, South America and new ones launching in the coming months in Asia and the Middle East.

Because the Nexus team is literate in engineering, chemistry, software, permitting, operations and finance – they’ve built a complete business as opposed to a technology experiment. Therefore, Nexus is well positioned to meet the outsized demands of manufacturers who have set multi million ton recycled-content targets for 2025-2030 and beyond to achieve desires of consumers and governments aggressively seeking an environmentally friendly solution for waste plastics.

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About Nexus:
Nexus is an operational, commercially scaled converter of waste plastics to feedstocks, which in turn are converted back to virgin plastics. Nexus is rapidly rolling out plants globally with a limited set of partners ready to move quickly and with purpose to address the plastics waste problem which so many seek a real, proven solution now. The process is an environmentally friendly (no wastewater, nor air issues) end-to-end business, including engineering, software, front-end sorting, all regulatory requirements (EPA, State, Local)/ISCC Plus certification, training/safety, and strategic pricing/positioning, guided by financially driven metrics. Operational and economically proven, Nexus has produced and shipped consistent, on-spec tanker loads of products to large global partners who blend it in their current streams and convert to virgin plastics. Nexus is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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