Phillips Driscopipe

Source: ISCO Industries
Phillips Driscopipe arranged to be audited by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc
Phillips Driscopipe arranged to be audited by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. They are an independent registrar that is accredited in the United States by the American National Accreditation Board (ANSI-RAB), in Europe by the Dutch Council for Certification (RvC), and in Brazil by Inmetro (N).

Quality Philosophy
Phillips Driscopipe is an innovative supplier of quality piping systems. It is the quality philosophy of Phillips Driscopipe to meet our customers' requirements the first time and every time. Phillips Driscopipe's management has defined and documented its policy for quality.

Within the procedures, Phillips Driscopipe has defined and documented the responsibility, authority and personnel to manage, perform and verify work affecting quality. Phillips Driscopipe provides trained personnel to manage, perform work verification, and conduct internal audits. Phillips Driscopipe provides a manager with the authority to ensure that ISO 9001 quality system requirements are established, implemented, maintained, and quality system reviews are completed at defined intervals.

Benefits to the Customers
Certification of Phillips Driscopipe is evidence that Phillips Driscopipe's quality system meets the ISO 9001 system requirements. Phillips Driscopipe has documented how both the national and international customer's requirements, codes and standards will be met. Certification to ISO 9001 means greater customer confidence because quality practices, disciplines, checks and balances are consistently followed to meet customer's requirements.

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