Rear Loader

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Rear Loader
The 2RII accepts virtually any refuse from residential
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The 2RII accepts virtually any refuse from residential, commercial and industrial stops. The large 3-yd.³ volumetric hopper capacity is well suited for container handling applications. The loader is available in 20, 25, 31 and 33 yd.³ capacities. Features include:

•Floor-Trough design helps eliminate heavy substructures required to support flat floors
•Efficient telescopic ejection system standard with adjustable load density control
•Two-by-Two paint process
•Hopper bottom ¼ in., 100,000 PSI abrasion-resistant steel
•Interchangeable packer and carrier cylinders
•Dual-lever packing controls
•3.0-yd.³ volumetric hopper capacity
•All lights sealed and grommet mounted
•Rear light panel and hopper utility lights standard
•Heat shrink wire connections throughout
•Low loading height for operator convenience
•Body reinforcing channels are closer together at rear, where compaction forces are greatest
•Full exterior continuous body welds for greater strength
•Telescopic ejection cylinder angled upward for maximum stability
•Full range of optional container handling systems
•Low pressure, high volume hydraulic system
•Side door for easy access
•Easily removable cover provides access to tailgate hydraulic valving
•All hoses requiring guards utilize jacket style covers vs. spring guard
•Welded half bushing for center bearing straps increase service life
•Easily removable ejection panel shoes

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