Refuse Compactor

Source: BOMAG
Refuse Compactor
The BC771RB refuse compactor offers a high operating weight and increased engine power for operation in extreme
The BC771RB refuse compactor offers a high operating weight and increased engine power for operation in extreme landfill conditions. In addition, the unit features an improved cabin designed with the latest technology to raise operator comfort and productivity. Weighing 81,000-lb., the unit is equipped with a powerful Cummins water-cooled diesel engine with 370-horsepower output at 2,100 rpm. The BC771RB combines efficient engine horsepower with a four-wheel independent hydrostatic drive system to provide great tractive effort regardless of operating conditions.

In addition to its increased power, the compactor is fitted with a redesigned operator's cabin featuring improved controls enhancing operator performance and comfort. With tinted safety glass throughout, the cabin now offers better all-around visibility. An easy to understand control layout and an adjustable steering column make operation simple and comfortable. A load-sensing system provides smoother and lighter steering and blade control.

The ergonomically-designed work environment includes industry-low cabin noise of less than 75 dba, cab heating, heated and air suspended seat, AM/FM stereo cassette and air conditioning. In addition, the machine's ventilation system draws air through a fine filter and slightly pressurizes the cab to provide a comfortable work atmosphere and prevent the entry of polluted air into the cabin. The frame features a sealed-tub design that helps eliminate the need for belly pans and protects drive components from damage.

A center-articulated joint, designed to withstand extreme conditions, provides ±40° steering angle, while the slew-ring oscillation joint allows ±15° movement, keeping all wheels in contact with the ground for increased traction and compaction control. Optional leveling blades, available in widths of 12 ft., 6 in., and 14 ft., are designed for evenly spreading refuse to increase uniform compaction. Blade adjustment ranges from 8 in. below grade to 4 ft. above. Two adjustable scraper bar assemblies per wheel prevent refuse debris build-up on wheels to ensure maximum tooth penetration. Also, two wire cutters per wheel protect against wire wrap-around and subsequent damage to seals and other components.

Other maintenance-saving features of the BC771RB compactor include extended radiator cleaning intervals from five times to once a week, extended hydraulic oil change intervals up to 2,000 operating hours, and a central lubrication system servicing 13 front and rear fram-located grease fittings once each operating hour.

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