News | February 12, 2020

Reusable Leaf Burrito® Helps Prevent Green Industry Soft-Tissue Injuries And Provides A Safer Zero-Waste Solution For Handling Yard Debris

Charlotte, NC (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Leaf Burrito® Reusable Yard Debris Bag is an eco-friendly reusable yard-debris system – invented, designed and made in the USA. Leaf Burrito’s patented utility and design makes collecting and transporting yard debris easier, quicker, ergonomic and safer. It is helping the Green industry, Landscapers and homeowners prevent injuries that commonly occur when handling bulky yard waste.

With a scarce labor force finding substitutes has become difficult. People working in landscaping, grounds management, horticulture, and all areas of the Green industry now have a revolutionary option to speed up lawn and landscaping work. Leaf Burrito is more efficient and eco-friendly as it eliminates plastic bags and short-lived tarps that pollute our landfills and emit carbon gases.

Leaf Burrito puts safety first and helps meet OSHA goals. Leaf Burrito’s flat-to-zipped design features custom durable mesh, YKK® zippers, and handles that makes transporting debris safer and more efficient than existing methods. Rather than manipulating tarps or burlap, one 7-foot Leaf Burrito with 10 handles can hold 6+ large leaf bags of leaves, grass clippings, trimmings, weeds or mulch. The 5-foot bag holds 4+ large leaf bags of debris and can stand up like a roll out garbage can. The zipped bags can be dragged, or safely lifted onto a utility cart or trailer.

According to US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health division (OSHA), employers in the Green industry “should have a system in place where safety and health professionals work with design engineers in ’designing out hazards‘ throughout the design phase of their products.”

“CAL/OSHA is very complex, and the enforcement is vigilant,” says Autumn Conover, Regional Manager, Gothic Landscape in Orange County, CA, “but simply put, owners and operators are legally and morally obligated to make physical jobs easier and safer for their workers.”

“The Leaf Burrito’s ergonomic design and multiple handles make moving heavy loads easier versus the typical burlaps. It is always better to avoid climbing in and out of dumpsters to empty loads where many injuries can occur. Burritos can be emptied by tipping the unzipped side over the edge where the waste falls out.”

Leaf Burrito is durable, affordable and reusable. The bags are a simplistic and sustainable new method for yard debris collection that eliminates plastic. Currently, grounds crews, property owners, universities and gardeners are unnecessarily injecting millions of tons of single-use plastic bags and short-lived tarps into our landfills.

Inventor Marc Mataya states, “I invented this great way to quickly and easily collect my clippings, weeds and sticks without having to deal with any single-use plastic or paper bags or tarps. I quickly realized that this product is safer and easier because of the multiple handles and how it can be easily dragged around the yard. City Solid Waste Collectors love it because it’s a quick ‘unzip-and-flip’ before putting it right back onto the yard. Landscapers safely stack burritos onto their trailers and unloading is instantaneous with minimal effort.”

The company recommends you try both sizes of the bags and determine which size works best for certain applications and employee types.

“Just like using reusable grocery tote bags, typically you want to have a few extra since they store compactly and fold to the size of a bath towel. The basic idea is to component orient the bulk,” Mataya explains.

Executives Marc Mataya and Lauri Eberhart will be exhibiting and speaking at the Keep America Beautiful® National Conference in Memphis, TN on February 12-14, 2020. Leaf Burrito can make your company, hotel or university safer, more efficient, and more profitable, while achieving your zero-waste goals.

Leaf Burrito® is a reusable yard-debris tool made of customized industrial-grade mesh, heavy-duty YKK® zippers and YKK TapeCraft® webbing handles and pulls. Leaf Burrito’s goals are to reduce single-use plastic and paper bags and tarps, to make the arduous task of bagging leaves, weeds, grass, hedge and garden clippings a simple and eco-friendly experience, and to beautify our curbs and sidewalks.


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