Roll-Out Cart Lifting Systems

Source: Otto Environmental Systems, LLC
Roll-Out Cart Lifting Systems
The Sunset Hi-Lift cart lifter is designed to put an end to
The Sunset Hi-Lift cart lifter is designed to put an end to lifter damage to carts. The lifting motion tips the cart to the wheels to help eliminate unnecessary bottom wear, while the hydraulic technology allows smooth motion, also reducing stress to carts. The lower latch actuator releases the carts's lower bar prior to contact with the street, and the lower bar cannot be pressured beyond the cart's limits. Also, on the both the up-stroke and the down-stroke, cylinder porting provides cushioning to protect carts and lifters from sudden stops.

The lifter also features fewer packing cycles, helping to save time on routes, use less fuel, reduce wear on packer parts, reduce spillage, and eliminate "bridging". It also facilitates the addition of a hopper extension to gain additional hopper loading capacity. Additional features include:

•Lifts heavy carts with ease
•Handles all major cart brands
•Developed for trucks that will not be emptying commercial containers
•Installs without cutting into hopper sill
•Ideal for use on commercial compactors
•Sealed roller bearings reduce maintenance costs
•Load sensing diverter permits lifters on both sides of truck
•Lifts cart to dump over hopper lip as high as 62-in. above ground
•Cushioned cylinder

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