Scrap Metal Processing

Source: SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
Scrap Metal Processing
Prepare scrap for remelting, recycling or delacquering
Processing metal?

SSI offers slow-speed shredding solutions for:

  • Aluminum UBCs (Used Beverage Containers)
  • Baled aluminum scrap
  • Magnesium die cast scrap
  • Steel skeletons and drums
  • Electronics scrap
  • Copper and brass
  • Insulated wire
  • Aluminum and steel turnings
  • and more...

    Metals application shredding

  • Prepare scrap for remelting, recycling or delacquering
    Improve furnace feeding as well as the efficiency of the remelting or delacquering process with shredding. The process also helps to liberate trapped contamination, upgrading the metal's quality.
  • Reduce the volume of bulky scrap
    Shredding metals facilitates material handling, minimizes storage space and reduces transportation and disposal costs.
  • Product destruction
    Remove defective products from possible circulation -- as well as reduce storage space using shredders.
  • Break bales
    Shredding metal bales or briquettes improves processing.
  • Recover precious metals
    Electronic scrap like computer drives, telephone switching gear and circuit boards, contains precious metals. Slow-speed shredders preprocess bulky components prior for high-speed mills.
  • Recover metals from insulated wire
    Slow-speed shredders break up large pieces and reduce voluminous entangled metal wire (bird nests).

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