News | May 6, 2019

Steri-Green Disrupts Medical Waste Industry

Steri-green's method of chemically treating and shredding technology is the eco-friendly option making others obsolete!

Orlando, FL /PRNewswire/ - Steri-Green, LLC launched in 2019 the first of its kind earth friendly medical waste disposal and treatment center in the United States. Orlando was chosen for the Corporate Headquarters because of its cutting-edge technology programs. Other locations in the Southeast will be contemplated as we expand.

Throughout the advancement of medical technology, medical waste and its disposal methods have become a conundrum. There have not been many options to date to dispose of our medical waste. The most common methods of medical waste disposal have been incineration or autoclave. However, by using these methods, we are expelling chlorinated plastics (that produce dioxins) into our atmosphere that create a toxic carbon footprint with proven known health hazards. Steri–Green has developed the capability to dispose of medical waste by providing a disposal method without risk of contamination. We can eliminate known health hazards, reduce pollution, lower the amount of waste leaving no carbon footprint.

"Not often does an opportunity come along for a company to provide a competitive service for businesses," said Ron Hankins, CEO of Steri Green, "and at the same time provide a community service by reducing harmful pollution and foster the wellbeing of our planet. We also have the capabilities to recycle high grade plastics that have gone through our process."

Steri-Green has partnered with Steri-Med that holds the patent on the machines used to process medical waste. The machines are approved for use across the US, Europe and Asia. Until now mostly companies that could afford the machines have been able to go green, but the availability of Steri-Green's full-service station makes it affordable for any business.

It is time we take responsibility of our earth for future generations. Steri-Green is making a difference in preserving our planet.

Key takeaways of our cleanair technology:

  • No dioxins and furans produced by treatment process
  • Non-incantation technology
  • No bio aerosols from burning of waste
  • Landfill disposal footprint is reduced by 90% with our shredding technology

Reduced solid waste will save on transportation to landfill which in turn gives you savings

SOURCE: Steri-Green, LLC

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