News | March 7, 2012

Sustainable Waste Solutions Offers Greener Solutions For Composting And Electronics Recycling


Southeastern Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, and Delaware Industrial and Commercial Waste Handler Expands Its Array of Landfill-Free Services

Souderton, PA (PRWEB) - Sustainable Waste Solutions (SWS), the only Landfill-Free waste and recycling company servicing Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, and Delaware, announced two new services that will greatly benefit customers and offer more environmentally friendly solutions for waste removal — composting and electronics recycling.

"Electronics waste and organic materials, such as meat and high fat foods, provide very specific problems when being disposed," commented President and CEO Randy Hendricks. "At SWS, we have worked to develop solutions to those challenges so our clients can rest assured that their trash is being eliminated in the most environmentally friendly manner."

Electronics recycling, soon to be required by Pennsylvania law, offers many challenges for corporations from both a regulatory and privacy standpoint. Sustainable Waste Solutions' new service ensures customers meet regulations and protect privacy when disposing equipment such as computer hardware, monitors, and televisions.

"We offer a complete, compliant recycling solution by coming directly to the client's location, providing a secure drop off where hard drives are drilled and shredded, and then disassembling electronics for the parts to be recycled," added Hendricks.

The SWS composting solution will allow food service industry partners to now easily manage organic waste without investing in an on-site composter. It also eliminates concerns about government regulations regarding disease control and groundwater pollution. SWS provides clients with totes that hold the food waste (which are also made of recyclable materials), establish a schedule for the pick-up of full totes, replace the full totes with new totes, and take the waste to the composting facility.

"We are pleased to add composting and electronics recycling services that are consistent with our commitment to provide a fully landfill-free waste handling alternative to the area's green conscious companies," concluded Hendricks.

About Sustainable Waste Solutions:
Sustainable Waste Solutions, LLC (SWS) provides a landfill-free alternative for recycling, waste transportation, and disposal to companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley and Delaware. Using a state-of-the-art Energy-from-Waste resource recovery facility, SWS generates enough electricity from waste to power tens of thousands of homes per day in Southeastern Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit, email info(at)landfillfree(dot)com, or call 215-723-7723.


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