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Systems ... Komar provides not only individual units but complete systems
Systems ... Komar provides not only individual units but complete systems.

Complete Materials Processing and Handling
For many applications, several stages of processing are required to achieve a desired output. Primary processing can be completed by either Auger Processors or shear shredders, and subsequent processing or final piece sizing can be completed by hammermills or other types of mills. KOMAR can provide a complete processing system, including: primary and secondary shredding equipment, conveyors, elevators, airlocks, purge systems, integrated controls systems, and many other features.

  • For low maintenance requirements
  • Extreme tolerance of tramp materials
  • Waste streams including things like concrete with rebar, ties with plates and spikes
  • Aggressively process anything thrown at them without using the installed horsepower to destroy itself, but more importantly not throwing the material back at the person loading
  • Seven railroad ties with plate and spikes per minute
  • Discharges the material via the built in incline conveyor to a waiting container or into a pile.
  • The direct coupled diesel engine allows the mobile equipment to be used virtually anywhere.

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