The Extruder/Feeder

Source: Komar Industries, Inc.
A Continuous Feed Auger System For Incineration
A Continuous Feed Auger System
For Incineration


  • Continuous output.
  • Shred/Feed single step (larger models only)
  • Variable feed rate, PLC controlled
    (less than 1 rpm possible)
  • Compression Auger create material plug to reduce burn back and leakage
  • Batch infeed/continuous output
  • Increased incineration efficiency - increased throughput
  • Unique design tolerant of tramp material
  • Low-speed, high-torque, low-horsepower design
  • Compact design - reduced footprint requirement

The compression auger offers the ability to:
  • Prevent burn back potential

  • Reduce air leakage

  • Produce a plug

The unique design handles waste with varying physical and chemical characteristics including: solids and sludges with high and low Btu and literally thousands of different compounds. A blend of material is ideally suited for this type of feeder.

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