Source: Franklin Miller Inc.
An Enterprise-Level Document Shredder
The TASKMASTER TM1620DS is a powerful shredder that destroys massive quantities of sensitive documents in minutes. It provides fast and easy document destruction and a high level of reliability. This unit is ideal for enterprises, municipalities or agencies that want to reduce documents en-masse in their own secure, centralized location.

The TM1620DS can replace many small individual shredders with one rugged system. The TM1620 handles up to 2" thick reams of documents, spiral notebooks, cards, checks, computer printouts or document boxes. The unit can completely destroy sensitive documents in their boxes and discharge them as small secure chips. This presents an enhanced level of security over the strip output of most conventional shredders.

The TASKMASTER features industrial strength design and construction. The unit employs up to a 20 hp motor to generate massive torque needed to plow through large stacks of paper at a single time. With its extra heavy duty construction a high level of reliability and longevity is achieved.

A built-in conveyor automates makes feeding of the unit simple. It is supplied standard with an automatic control system that monitors system operation and automatically reverses in the case of a jam condition. The discharge area is completely enclosed. Casters can be supplied. The Taskmaster can also be mounted on a truck for mobile operation.

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