Touch Screen System

Source: J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers
Touch Screen System
New Action TRAKKER software is now integrated into the
J&J Truck Bodies & TrailersTRAKKER software is now integrated into the DynaControl Central Hydraulics System. This new system is available for the manufacturer's line of snow and ice control equipment, including dump bodies, snowplows and spreaders. It's specifically designed for drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers who are responsible for maintaining safe roadways.

With this system, operational data is collected, allowing for accurate records of miles traveled, spread and /or plowed. The system, conveniently located next to the driver, can also automatically alert drivers to low material levels, auger jams and road temperatures. As road conditions change, drivers and dispatchers will be automatically notified to change the amounts and rate of application of material depending on road temperatures. This saves taxpayers money in salt, sand and chemical purchases.

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