News | April 18, 2023

Valicor Environmental Services Opens State-Of-The-Art Waste Treatment And Recycling Laboratory In Houston, Texas


Valicor Environmental Services (“Valicor”), a leading provider of Centralized Wastewater Treatment (CWT) services in North America, is pleased to announce the opening of a new state-of-the art waste treatment laboratory in Houston, Texas. In addition to supporting existing operations, the new laboratory will allow Valicor to develop, pilot and validate new applications backed by its experience in wastewater recycling and other waste stream treatment and byproduct recovery. The laboratory is another example of Valicor’s continued investment in developing sustainable, circular solutions for client waste streams.

“This is just one aspect of the capabilities we can immediately provide to our clients,” said Bob Cook, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Technology at Valicor. “In the coming months, we will expand our technical capabilities even further to support our clients’ more complex waste treatment and recycling needs.”

"At Valicor, we aim to solve industry and broader sustainability challenges,” said Steve Hopper, Chief Executive Officer of Valicor. “Our expanded technical capabilities, beginning with a robust front-end process engineering package, will deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the industry’s needs.”

Valicor is part of the Pritzker Private Capital family of companies.

About Valicor Environmental Services

Valicor is the largest provider of non-hazardous wastewater treatment services in North America. Leveraging its extensive fleet of tankers and a network of strategically located centralized wastewater treatment facilities, the Company transports and processes a diverse set of wastewater streams that result from the manufacture of industrial and consumer goods. The Company’s mission-critical services allow customers to meet federal, state, and local regulations by safely and responsibly disposing of oily water, leachate, soaps, line flush waste, and similar waste streams and it also provides a diverse set of landfill solidification, product destruction, and retail oil services. As an ISO 14001 certified organization, Valicor takes great pride in its environmental compliance process. For more information, visit

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