Agitated Media Mill

Source: Eirich Machines Inc.
Agitated Media Mill
This new Agitated Media Mill is for wet and dry grinding
This new Agitated Media Mill is for wet and dry grinding applications. A rotating grinding pan with an eccentric agitator and a stationary material deflector make the new mills effective. The material deflector combined with the pan drive introduces a large portion of the required milling effort into the chamber making the mill energy efficient.

The milling chamber is filled up to 80% with either steel or ceramic milling media. The media size depends upon the desired end product. The mills work in continuous operation in either wet or dry mode, resulting in high throughput rates at low specific energy consumption. The rotating grinding pan allows no dead zones and the deposit of coarse particles at the bottom is prevented. The main fields of application for this mill are the fine milling of minerals, colorants, pigments, and hard materials for the ceramic industry.

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