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Federal Register Volume 63 CD-ROM
The U.S. Federal Register Volume 63 CD-ROM contains the official Rules and Regulations, Proposed Rules, and Notices issued by federal agencies
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  • Study: Restaurants Could Capture More Food Waste And Reduce Climate Impact

    A new study finds restaurants can play a crucial role in diverting tons more food waste away from the nation's landfills. One way to accomplish this: offering durable or compostable plates, cups and utensils, which the study proves makes it easier for customers to compost their food scraps and sort their waste into the right bins.

  • Brightmark Opens National Site Search For $1B Advanced Plastic Recycling Facilities

    Brightmark, a San Francisco-based waste and energy development company, announced today that it is launching a nationwide site search for U.S. locations suitable for its next set of advanced recycling facilities, which will convert hundreds of thousands of tons of post-consumer plastics into new products, including fuels, wax, and other products

  • Eastman To Recycle Discarded Carpet Into New Materials

    Eastman has reached an agreement to give new life to one of the most problematic waste materials in U.S. landfills. Post-consumer carpet will now be recycled through Eastman's carbon renewal technology and converted into new materials to serve new and useful purposes.

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