About Us

Solid Waste Online has been a member of what today is--the VertMarkets community since 1997.

SWOL’s mission is to be the preeminent source of product, technology, regulatory, and management information concerning waste handling and disposal from consumer, commercial, and industrial sources.

Toward achieving their objective, the editorial, business, and production staffs of Solid Waste Online serve governmental, industrial, agricultural, and commercial personnel.

Solid Waste Online is visited by thousands of industry professionals each week. Operators, technicians, engineers, researchers, business executives, managers, owners, and others--active or having an interest in improving operations involving solid-waste handling and disposal--are the beneficiaries of the resource that is Solid Waste Online.

These professionals reside the world over and use Solid Waste Online as:

  • the most accurate and efficient way to locate suppliers in the industry
  • a dedicated source of breaking news, including contract, regulatory, business, technical, educational, legal, legislative, and procedural information intrinsic to the solid-waste field--and much more
  • a valuable source of technological information presented as articles, case studies, and literature and product announcements
  • a gateway to additional information.

SWOL’s management and staff are dedicated to creating and maintaining a forum for buyers of products and services in the waste industry.

Moreover, professionals can communicate in a dynamic and interactive environment with the Solid Waste Online advertisers who are intent on servicing them.

By positioning manufacturers for discovery--despite an increasingly crowded arena--SWOL offers their clients and prospects a way to cut through the clutter of the Internet.

Most of all, make Solid Waste Online your singular source of reliable and timely information. And, please, anytime you have any comments, send them to info@solidwasteonline.com.