Multi-Parameter Water Quality Probe

MP-TROLL 9000 uses the most current sensor and electronics technology
Revolutionary & Robust in Features!
MP-TROLL 9000 uses the most current sensor and electronics technology to bring to market a robust, durable and user-friendly probe. The innovations in the MP-TROLL 9000 aim to address many of the shortfalls found in similar products currently on the market. Included in the list of innovations are "Smart Sensors", "Digital D.O.", "Factory Pre-Calibrated Sensors" and "Single Quick-Calibration Solution". The compact 1.75" diameter probes are offered in 6 versions, with options to monitor:

**Temperature, Pressure, Level, Depth, DO, Conductivity, pH, ORP, TDS, Resistivity, Salinity, Nitrate, Chloride, Ammonium, Ammonia, Turbidity & Chlorophyll.**

User-Friendly Interface
The MP-TROLL 9000 interfaces with an ultra-light, weatherized, PDA for surface water profiling or with any laptop computer or SDI-12 logger for longer-term tests. All memory-enabled units ship standard with up to 4mb memory for internal logging of over 1 million data points.

**Sensor innovations address market needs**
The multi-parameter water quality sensor market is maturing. Many of the competitive products have been on the market for years or are using technology that is not altogether current. In-Situ, Inc. has designed the MP-TROLL 9000 from the inside out, using all of the most current proven technology. This technology includes - "Smart Sensors" which are pre-calibrated directly at the factory. These sensors may be plugged into one of the option ports and put to immediate use. "Digital D.O." which allows the user to selectively monitor Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) to a very high accuracy by either stirring or non-stirring methods. This greatly simplifies D.O. measurement, as well as conserves battery power for long-term monitoring. D.O. measurements are digitally compensated for changes in temperature, salinity and barometric pressure. "Single, Quick-Cal Solution" allows the user to calibrate D.O., Conductivity, pH, and ORP simultaneously to a high degree of accuracy. The new innovations are enabled by utilizing new advances in micro-electronics, as well as patented sensor designs. Up to (9) nine sensors may be monitored concurrently. The low-power circuitry allows the MP-TROLL 9000 to be deployed for months at a time, using off-the shelf alkaline D-Size batteries.

6 Versions Offered- a solution for every job
The MP-TROLL 9000 is offered in six versions. The versions are scaled to meet the needs and budgets of those organizations and individuals monitoring surface water, and those monitoring ground water respectively. All versions share the same highly engineered circuitry, accuracy, patented "Quick Connect" cable system as well as lightweight, high-quality 316L stainless steel body. The versions consist of "Basic" - specifically for those needing the power of a multi-parameter probe, but not needing to upgrade to a more advanced unit. "LTS"- providing Level, Temperature and the customer's choice of one extra sensor. "Profiler" - an instrument specifically designed for quick basic measurements of surface water. "Profiler XP" - designed for more extensive quick measurements of surface water. "Professional" - allowing for basic monitoring of either ground or surface water with memory capability. "Professional XP" - designed for extensive long-term monitoring with memory capability. Units with memory functions are enhanced with up to 4mb of non-volatile memory, allowing logging of over 1 million data points. All versions with the exception of "Basic" are upgradable in the field, should testing needs change.

Data Acquisition
Data is stored in 4mb of memory on the "Professional, Professional XP & LTS" models, while it may be logged to the water resistant "Pocket-Situ" PDA on "Basic, Profiler & Profiler XP" models. All data is retrievable and able to be viewed, manipulated & exported with "Win-Situ 2000" software, included at no charge with every probe. Remote data acquisition is enabled through the In-Situ ETS Telemetry system. The system is capable of transmitting over landline, cellular, radio and GOES satellite networks, as well as integrating into customer's internet-enabled platforms. All In-Situ probes are networkable, allowing multiple test sites to be centrally monitored.

MP-TROLL 9000 Availability
The MP-TROLL 9000 is now available to ship. It will be offered in separate versions, as well as bundled "ready to use" kits. The MP-TROLL 9000 instruments are fully compatible with the "Quick Connect" cables and accessories in the .72" diameter miniTROLL product line of pressure transducer accessories manufactured by In-Situ, Inc. For more information please contact an In-Situ product representative or visit the In-Situ website at: