AJ-4F Performance Specification Sheet

Source: S.I.C. Corp.
The AJ-4F Hauler™ Fork system lifting and rotating capacity is 10,000 lb
Front End Fork System Only:

The AJ-4F Hauler™ Fork system lifting and rotating capacity is 10,000 lb (5 tons). This is performed with 6.0" bore lift cylinders, 5.0" bore swing cylinders and 4.5" bore tilt cylinders. The fork system allows the unit to lift the container from the ground and place it completely on the truck with absolutely no over hang and perfect weight distribution. The fork system will then lift the 5-ton container into the desired rotate position with a maximum reach of 15' (forks to ground). This reach will allow front-end containers to be rotated into large Roll-Off containers (40-45 yd) to consolidate loads. Our rotator is designed to rotate containers continuously in any direction a true 5 tons and has only one grease fitting for the rotator bearing. This is the only grease fitting in the system. The rest of the system has space age nylatron greaseless bushing at all hinge points that are far superior than oil impregnated bushings. Out unique folding fork design is the only horizontally folding forks on the market with catch blocks that sustain extreme loads.

Saftey Features
The fork system also incorporates a strategically placed trigger plate which cuts out the retract side of the swing arm cylinders and lift cylinders. This prevents the swing arm from being pulled or pushed into the rear of the truck.

Control Tower:

  • 4 Joysticks (3 fully metering capability)
  • Illuminated Control tower
  • OEM electronic joysticks (fingertip control)

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