ASTEC System

Source: Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, Inc. (KWS)
ASTEC System
The ASTEC system is designed for efficiency, flexibility and reliability.
The ASTEC system is designed for efficiency, flexibility and reliability. Our philosophy is to maximize mechanical sorting early, creating clean streams of material for negative sorting. Decreasing the material to be scanned increases employee's efficiency and optimum performance. Charging the system allows the system to run for for long periods of time unattended. Large or unwanted items are immediately removed to prevent clogging of screen or fan. A self cleaning overhead magnet removes ferrous material. The Air Classifier separates remaining material into 3 different fractions. Heavies (whole and broken glass), lights (aluminum and plastics) and paper, film, dust, etc. The heavy fraction continues on the main transfer conveyor for further separation downstream. The light fraction is deposited onto the cross belt takeaway conveyor for further separation down -stream. The light fraction in blown through the vacuum fan to a bin or container for disposal. A vibratory or finger screen removes 2" minus from the heavies prior to sortation.

Design depends upon each facility's specific layout. Equipment can be added, deleted or moved to other locations in the system to accommodate product volume and make-up.

The Engineering Department of Karl W. Schmidt & Associates, Inc. incorporates all the elements required to provide our customers with the equipment or system which will best suite the unique conditions of their operation. The engineering staff includes the Department Manager, Senior Project Manager, Designers, Electrical Designer and drafting personnel.

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