News | March 9, 2021

Atlantic Packaging Joins The Alliance To End Plastic Waste

Wilmington, NC /PRNewswire/ - Atlantic Packaging is proud to announce that they have joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (the Alliance), a non-profit organization committed to ending plastic waste in the environment. In their capacity as an Alliance member, Atlantic will be collaborating with over 80 member companies, project partners, allies and supporters around the world to address this global issue.

The Alliance's mission is to develop, accelerate and deploy innovative and impactful solutions, engage communities around the world, and to catalyze investments.

The Alliance's members represent the full range of the plastic value chain and are united in their drive and vision to end plastic waste in the environment. As a specialist in end-of-line packaging systems and materials as well as converted paperboard and corrugated solutions, Atlantic is connected up and down the supply chain and is well-positioned to help influence change.

"Atlantic Packaging is leading the way through transparency and collaboration across the supply chain to create a sustainable future for our planet," remarks Atlantic Packaging President, Wes Carter. "By joining the global efforts of the Alliance and committing to sustainability, we believe our industry can have a major impact on global pollution and climate change.

"We look forward to supporting this effort through our work in introducing recyclable and compostable packaging materials, as well as promoting and creating packaging efficiency, optimization and closed recycling systems throughout the supply chain."

Atlantic is also committed to helping educate the marketplace about the importance of ending plastic waste, to making recycling and recyclable options available, and to implementing systems that will create a more circular economy.

"The Alliance is pleased to welcome Atlantic Packaging into our ranks," said Jacob Duer, President and CEO of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. "Their expertise in sustainable packaging solutions and packaging efficiency will be a welcome addition to the Alliance as we try to develop more circular solutions with the aim of ending plastic waste in the environment."

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About Atlantic Packaging
Atlantic Packaging is celebrating its 75th year as a privately held business that specializes in end-of-line packaging systems and materials as well as converted paperboard solutions. Atlantic's focus on innovation and technology has made us a market leader for customers requiring sustainable packaging options, packaging equipment, high performance materials, warehousing, and distribution. Atlantic delivers these solutions daily to our customers in North and Central America. For more information, please visit

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