Atomization Delivery System

Source: OMI Industries

Throughout the atomization process, Ecosorb® odor eliminator is mixed with water, pumped through pipes/hoses and delivered via nozzles or fans to areas affected by odor. After the Ecosorb® droplets are dispersed into the air they neutralize odors on contact. The major advantage of atomization nozzle systems is the level of control they provide. Through various means of control, depending on system style and design, the volume of product dispersed can be regulated.

Ecosorb® atomizing systems offer odor control against malodors associated with various industrial processes as well as odorous material handling. To eliminate any odor, Ecosorb® atomization systems come in a variety of formats, including explosion-proof systems, high-pressure atomization systems, air atomization systems, fan atomization systems, portable systems and custom designed systems, if needed.

OMI will work with you to determine the appropriate nozzle system and pressure levels to distribute Ecosorb® throughout your facility.

High pressure or low pressure solutions.
Ecosorb® atomization can be distributed through hydraulic high pressure or pneumatic low-pressure systems. The high-pressure systems treat odors by dispersing a fine mist into the air to simultaneously treat escaping gas emissions and surface odors.

For smaller areas, or for environments with multiple odor areas, Ecosorb® atomization can also be distributed through a low-pressure fan system. These portable fan units spray the Ecosorb® and water mix through the fan’s jet stream creating a fine mist over a wide area.