News | March 13, 2019

Biohitech Global Announces Food Waste Digester Distribution Agreement With Leading Nationwide Provider Of Environmental And Regulated Waste Management Solutions

Agreement is part of the Company's initiative to partner with traditional waste industry companies to distribute its environmentally responsible food waste disposal technology

Chestnut Ridge, NY /PRNewswire/ - BioHiTech Global, Inc. ("BioHiTech" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: BHTG), a technology and services company that provides cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions, today announced a food waste digester distribution agreement with a leading nationwide provider of environmental and regulated waste management solutions (the "National Waste Services Company").

The agreement enables the National Waste Services Company to market BioHiTech's line of food waste digesters to its extensive nationwide customer base. BioHiTech's Revolution Series™ and Eco-Safe Digesters® provide a cost-effective organics disposal solution that aligns with the sustainability vision of today's business customers. By eliminating food waste at the point of generation, BioHiTech's Digester technology helps waste service providers improve margins through decreased logistics costs and landfilling expenses while achieving a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This technology seamlessly integrates into the traditional disposal model and enables traditional waste services companies to provide their customers with valuable real-time data analytics through the BioHiTech Cloud® for food waste diversion tracking and compliance programs.

Commenting on the announcement, Frank E. Celli, Chief Executive Officer of BioHiTech Global stated, "We are excited to have entered into a distribution arrangement with this important nationwide waste services provider. We have designed our environmentally responsible food waste disposal technology to enable the industry to effectively meet customer needs while lowering overall costs and reducing CO2 emissions. We believe that partnering with waste management services companies is critical to our growth strategy and this is a very important step in that direction. We are confident that as they begin to deploy our products throughout their large customer footprint, the benefits to their customers, the environment and their bottom line will accelerate our growth and help build lasting value for our stockholders."

About BioHiTech's Food Waste Digester Technology
BioHiTech's line of aerobic digesters employ a proven biological treatment process for the safe disposal of food waste in liquid form through any standard sewer line. With models to support businesses ranging from quick-serve restaurants to large food distribution centers, our digesters substantially reduce transportation costs and related greenhouse gas emissions by diverting 100% of food waste from landfills. In addition, our patented cloud-based data analytics platform utilizes IoT technology to capture and communicate real-time data to modify wasteful behavior, evidence regulatory compliance, and improve labor efficiencies. Other customer benefits include elimination of odors and pest problems associated with food waste, improved supply chain management, and the creation of goodwill associated with corporate sustainability efforts.

About BioHiTech Global
BioHiTech Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: BHTG), is changing the way we think about managing waste. Our cost-effective technology solutions include the patented processing of municipal solid waste into a valuable renewable fuel, biological disposal of food waste on-site, and proprietary real-time data analytics tools to reduce food waste generation. Our unique solutions enable businesses and municipalities of all sizes to lower disposal costs while having a positive impact on the environment. When used individually or in combination, our solutions lower the carbon footprint associated with waste transportation and can reduce or virtually eliminate landfill usage. For more information, please visit

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