Biosolids Treatment Processes

Source: N-Viro International Corporation
Biosolids Treatment Processes
The company offers a line of biosolids treatment processes with enhanced end-product characteristics
N-Viro International Corporation offers a line of biosolids treatment processes with enhanced end-product characteristics. The technology used combines Class A disinfection with the stability of alkaline pasteurization.

BioDry, a biosolids drying technology, utilizes the stabilization properties of alkaline/mineral by-products in combination with mechanical, rotary drum drying. This system offers complete automation, a small facility footprint, a short processing time, and a small lime requirement. It produces a stable product that does not require specialized storage and can be used in large and medium-sized facilities.

The BioBlend process is an advanced composting process combining N-Viro International Corporation's soil with municipal yard waste to accelerate natural decomposition, producing high quality topsoil in four to six weeks. By combining multiple waste streams, this system offers process flexibility and can be suited to any size facility.

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