News | February 21, 2017

Bollegraaf Ready To Build Mega MRF In Russia

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has been awarded by the MAG Group in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, to build a mega Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling Facility to process the equivalent of 60 tonnes per hour.

Bollegraaf is delighted to have been chosen as the leader in developing turnkey sorting systems for the design, manufacturing and installation of what is going to be one of the most advanced Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling Facilities in Russia. For several years, MAG Group experts have been investigating the experience of European and American systems integration companies and manufacturers of sorting and recycling equipment. They have visited a significant number of leading operating waste management enterprises in several countries. Finally, MAG Group decided to choose a turnkey solution designed and produced by Bollegraaf, considering many years of its successful experience in developing turnkey sorting systems, including design, manufacturing and installation.

Customer-oriented partner
“We recommend Bollegraaf as a high-level professional in the market of turnkey sorting systems, waste sorting and recycling equipment and a customer-oriented partner that completely meets the expectations of business communication and business cooperation” says Evgeny Razzhivin, Director-General of MAG Group Management.

Innovative and sustainable technologies
The state-of-the-art installation is capable of sorting 60 tons per hour of MSW material. The installation that is developed for MAG Group is well suited with the latest and most advanced technologies. The objectives are clear; the MAG Group is expecting Failure-Free operation of the equipment since the Waste Sorting Complex is designed for around-the-clock operation. Also the beneficial effect on the environment in the region, due to high-quality and efficient extraction of the maximum quantity of useful fractions from waste plays, a major role in the project.

The installation will be equipped with several innovative technologies of Bollegraaf including the Elliptical Separator, which is a state-of-the art ballistic sorting machine, to separate 3D fractions from the 2D fractions and the fines fraction. The Elliptical is unique because of the adjustable screen surface and the way it agitates the material. The result: efficient separation with a long service life plus low costs of ownership.

The installation is also equipped with the patented Bollegraaf ‘anti-wrapping’ starscreen. This screen deck does not wrap, but does have the high output and aggressive agitation, preventing the smaller parts from sticking to the larger parts. This results in a better performance of the following sorting process.

The large cardboard is separated from the material flow by the high efficient Bollegraaf OCC (old corrugated cardboard) screen. Paper, small cardboard, and small material will be screened off. This particular screen is placed at the beginning of the sorting installation to separate large cardboard, making manual separation of large cardboard redundant.

SOURCE: Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions