BOMAG BW 213-3 Series single-drum vibratory rollers

Source: BOMAG
BOMAG BW213-3 Vibratory Rollers Ideal for Landfill Applications
BOMAG BW213-3 Vibratory Rollers Ideal for Landfill Applications

KEWANEE, Ill. -- BOMAG BW 213-3 Series single-drum vibratory rollers are ideal for landfill applications such as compaction of cell liners and access roads.

Featuring a Cummins 6-cylinder B Series engine, the BW213-3 Series offers operating weights ranging from 26,000 to 29,000 pounds. The BW213D-3 and BW213DH-3 smooth-drum models offer amplitudes of .071 and .036 inches, while the BW213PDH-3 and BW213PDB-3 padfoot machines provide amplitudes of .065 and .032 inches.

All BW213-3 Series rollers feature 84-inch drums and deliver 61,825 pounds of centrifugal force in low amplitude and 44,514 pounds in high amplitude. Frequencies of 1,800 to 2,160 vibrations per minute (vpm) are also standard on all models.

BOMAG's Anti-Slip Control (ASC) system gives the BW213-3 Series superior climbing performance, making grades of more than 50 percent attainable. By monitoring the slip potential between the drum and rear rubber tires, ASC automatically adjusts the hydraulic flow between these components to deliver optimum performance for operation on severe grades or difficult traction conditions and prevent the roller from stalling or "digging" itself into the material.

A gas strut/hydraulically-assisted engine hood provides easy access to the engine as well as other key service points. Rubber drum buffers, which reduce vibration feedback to the machine's frame and operator, can be replaced individually without drum removal. All models have no grease-daily points.

The BW213-3 Series features a sloped hood design to increase forward and rearward visibility as well as industry-low noise levels and increased operator platform space. A diagnostic panel alerts operators to potential service problems. Hydraulic oil changes are required only every 2,000 hours or two years.

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