Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment Systems

Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment System
High Purity...Simple Package...Proven Reliability! Eco-Tec specializes in advanced, compact, integrated water treatment systems that require less space at lower costs than conventional systems.
Eco-Tec specializes in providing integrated water treatment components to provide the highest purity water in a simple, reliable package. Based on specified needs, using Recoflo® proprietary technology, Eco-Tec offers water treatment systems that can be composed of clarifiers, micro media filters, cartridge filters, water softeners, demineralizers, reverse osmosis and condensate polishers.

Clarifiers: Eco-Tec's specified clarifiers assist in optimizing a water treatment system by improving efficiency and helping to purify produced water to meet effluent water specifications. The clarifiers consist of special blends of polymers, coagulants, surfactants, and metal salts which work to reduce the turbidity of the water and remove particulate matter that could decrease the effectiveness of down-stream processes.

Spectrum Micro Media Filter™: The Spectrum Micro Media Filter is designed to handle source water with suspended solids concentration in excess of 100 mg/L and provide a filtrate with turbidity of less than 0.1 NTW with particle size of less than 1ìm nominal and a filtrate silt density index (SDI) of less than 5.

The Spectrum Micro Media Filter™'s performance is achieved through the use of a special, ultra-fine, high density filtering media with 0.1 mm average particle size. Filtration efficiency of the filter is 99% for particles >1.8 ìm, with coagulation.
The patented Spectrum Micro Media Filter™'s backwash process reduces the need for frequent backwashing cycles. This process provides more throughput for less cost.

Recoflo® Water Softeners: The Recoflo® Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs by up to 40% and use less brine and water for regeneration. The water softeners deliver water with less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness.

Recoflo® Demineralizer: The highly efficient Recoflo® Demineralizer reduces chemical use and waste generation to produce high purity water, conductivity as low as 0.1ìS/cm, without the need for a mixed bed polisher.

Recoflo® TriFlo™ Demineralizer: Provides the same efficiency as the Recoflo® Demineralizer, and with the added cation bed, the TriFlo™ produces higher purity water with conductivity less than 0.1ìS/cm. The TriFlo™ is used as a polisher to remove trace sodium and eliminates the need for an electrodemineralization system.

Eco-RO™: Reverse osmosis (RO) is integrated into the system when feed water has a high concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS) or other parameters that require additional pre-treatment. Eco-RO™ systems are designed to reduce dissolved solids from feed waters with salinities up to 45,000 ppm TDS. Combined with Eco-Tec's pre-filtration products before the RO system, and polishers following the RO technology, the complete system produces product quality of less than 0.1 uS/cm.

Benefits of the Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment System:
~Less chemicals, Lower Operating Costs
~Lower waste treatment costs
~50% Less Floor Space & Headroom Required
~Reduced Maintenance and Operator Costs
~Low Installed Costs
~Fast Installation
~Continuous Flow for More Throughput
~Outsourcing Availability for Reduced Overhead
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