CASCADE Refuse-Recycling Containers

Source: Cascade Carts
Versatile 96, 64, 35 gallon carts are designed for multiple uses
Cascade Cartse 96, 64, 35 gallon carts are designed for multiple uses: refuse, recyclables, yard waste and co- collection (commingled recyclables or refuse and recyclables), with semi and fully automated lift systems in front, side, and rear load applications. Cascade carts are built to last. Injection molded carts typically remain in service two to three times longer than products manufactured under other molding methods.

Cascade carts afford maximum weekly service capacity for refuse and recyclables to reduce collection frequency. In some cart program applications frequency has been reduced to one time per month.

An investment in Cascade carts will net customer service and convenience as well as operating dividends. Cascade engineered carts are built to allow flexibility, never locking you into only one service program!

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