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Cascade Residential Cart Systems have been designed by solid waste professionals to
Cascade Residential Cart Systems have been designed by solid waste professionals to…

…Save Tax Dollars…Save Time

Communities today are driven to streamline residential refuse collection operations in order to stretch tax dollars, yet still must remain responsive to the important environmental issues of the day; waste reduction and recycling.

Cascade's residential carts provide cost-effective, flexible waste stream handling solutions to support efficient tax dollar use.

…Contribute to Cleaner, Safer, More Efficient Collection

Cascade residential carts improve service….cleaner trucks, cleaner containers, and cleaner, more orderly streets on collection day.

Cascade carts come in a range of sizes to meet all residential waste needs. In communities with curbside recycling and, or yard waste programs, Cascade's sized and color-coded carts help identify waste stream commodities for more efficient collection.

The noise created by metal cans and lids banging and blowing about the neighborhood is eliminated. Cascade residential carts, with their large, "quite roll" wheels, and attractive, sturdy injection molded construction are built to last.

And, Cascade carts are designed with worker safety, efficient collection, and cost containment in mind.

...Encourage Waste Reduction and Recycling

Cascade residential carts are compatible with semi and fully automated collection systems and are designed to collect refuse, recyclables and, or yard waste.

Waste reduction, recycling, and yard waste programs reduce the growing cost of transporting collected waste to distant regional landfills and conserve dwindling landfill capacity.

To encourage single-family, multi-family and commercial recycling programs, carts are designed for the collection of multiple material streams: commingled recyclables and paper products, or refuse and commingled recyclables in one divided cart.

Cascade's yard waste collection carts are adaptable to the nation's growing number of yard waste programs and inform visitors the community is recycling its yard waste.

Cascade residential carts are available in a variety of colors and can be customized with imprints and pick-up symbols.

... Be Used With All Collection Equipment

Cascade residential carts are compatible with all quality rear, side, and front-loading collection lift systems and fully automated trucks. Even aging, manually loaded residential refuse collection trucks can be quickly and economically retrofitted with quicker, quieter, and less labor-intensive lifting mechanisms.




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