CleanAire Oxidizer

Source: Eco Waste Solutions Inc.
Approximately 1.8 MM BTU/hr of energy can be recovered from exhaust during operation
Two Stage Process: Pyrolysis - 1st stage burns garbage and produces inert ash and combustible gases, Afterburner - 2nd stage re-burns gases and renders them safe for exhaust

Cycle Time: 2-12 hours depending on waste type and density, 1 hour for ash cleanout and reload

Capacity: Standard up to 300 lbs per cycle (load) depending on waste type - Larger systems available

Weight: 12,000 lbs (approximate)

Internal Volume: 41 ft³ for Primary burn chamber, 26.5 ft³ for Afterburner chamber

External Casing/Finish: 1/4 inch Steel, Rust inhibiting and Heat Resistant paint

Insulation: Primary Chamber - 6" 2200F ceramic refractory module and 1900F rigid block, Afteburner - 6" 2200F ceramic refractory module, Stack - 3" 2200F vacuum formed insulation

Burners: Primary Chamber - 0.8 MM BTU/hr, electronic auto spark, modulated, Afterburner - 1.6 MM BTU/hr, electronic auto spark, modulated

Fuel Supply: Diesel, Fuel Oil, JP8, Natural Gas, Arctic Diesel, Propane

Chamber Temperature: Primary Chamber - 800F min.-1200F operating, Afterburner - 1650F-1832F

Standard System: Minimum 1-2 seconds retention time

Blowers: Primary Chamber - Modulated underfire at 250 ft³/min a 3 in. w. c., Afterburner - Combustion excess air modulated at 1000 ft³/min at 3 in. w. c.

Controls: Integrated control panel complete with programmable logic control, supervisory control, monitoring, data acquisition and remote diagnostic capability with PC computer option

Utilities: 1/3 phase, 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz, less than 100 Amps

Warranty: 1 year after start-up on defective parts or workmanship

Operating Equipment: Inside a building or protected from the weather

Labour Requirments: 1 hour per day

Optional Heat Recovery: Approximately 1.8 MM BTU/hr of energy can be recovered from exhaust during operation

Eco Waste Solutions Inc., 5195 Harvester Road, Unit 6, Burlington, ON L7L 6E9. Tel: 905-634-7022; Fax: 905-634-0831.