CM-710 Composting Equipment

Source: Ag-Bag Environmental
CM-710 Composting Equipment
The CM-710 is designed for the large site operator and for
The CM-710 is designed for the large site operator and for use with a dump truck, live floor or front-end loader. It is equipped with a 10-ft. wide and 10-ft. long conveyor platform, powered hydraulically to transport material into the rotor packing teeth. The platform has both forward and reverse control, as well as 0 ft. to 90 ft. of travel per minute. The compaction rotor is 8 ft. wide with 1-in. quadra-staggered fingers. The fingers have replaceable tine caps as wear items for easy replacement.

This system is powered by a 125hp diesel engine, with a 65-gal. hydraulic reservoir and 65-gal. fuel tank. The operator platform provides a complete control panel with an optional cab enclosure. As the POD fills, this motorized machine is self-propelled forward and compaction is controlled with a braking system so that porosity is maintained. It places the aeration piping inside the EcoPOD as it is being filled.

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