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ConCover SW
ConCover SW Forms A Protective Layer Over Toxic Materials, Keeping VOCs, Dust, and Odors From Escaping Into The Enviroment...
ConCover SW Forms A Protective Layer Over Toxic Materials, Keeping VOCs, Dust, and Odors From Escaping Into The Enviroment.

ConCover SW Remediation Cover is a technologically advanced blend of polymers and recycled fiber that forms a slurry when mixed with water. The slurry can be spray applied to smooth or irregular surfaces, steep slopes or vertical walls. ConCover Remediation Cover forms a uniform encapsulating layer between contaminated materials and the environment, suppressing VOCs, dust and odors.

Effective Protection
ConCover SW Remediation Cover provides reliable protection for three to six months, depending on climatic conditions. It forms a barrier that not only controls VOCs, dust particulates, odors and radon, but also prevents runoff contamination.

Environmentally Friendly
ConCover SW Remediation Cover is biodegradable, non-flammable and non-toxic to workers. It is rated 0 (nonhazardous) for health, fire, and reactivity. It adds no contamination to the site.

ConCover SW Remediation Cover arrives on site in two dry components. The dry components are combined and mixed with water in the ConCover All Purpose Sprayer (CAPS). The resulting slurry can be sprayed up to 100 feet using the canon mounted on the CAPS. This sprayer also features an integrated hose reel for hand applied cover, and may also be used for power washing/ decontamination, dust control, fire fighting and revegetation. Set up and cleaning time is minimal.

On-Site Training
Our OSHA certified field supervisors will train your operators in product preparation and equipment usage. CAPS spray equipment is available for short or long term lease from New Waste Concepts for the duration of your project. Our staff also provides follow up visits to ensure you receive maximum benefit from our products.

Let Us Evaluate Your Site
If you'd like to put ConCover SW Remediation Cover to work for you, call us today. We'll evaluate your site conditions and determine how ConCover SW Remediation Cover can be applied to meet your specific needs.

For more information, including test reports and case histories, call New Waste Concepts at (800) 359-2783. Supporting test reports available include: MSDS, TCLP, VOC Suppression Test, Water Runoff Quality Test and pH Test.

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