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Many of you are currently buying and shipping with most popular loose fill product in the market today, polystyrene "Peanuts".

Many of you are currently buying and shipping with most popular loose fill product in the market today, polystyrene "Peanuts". "Peanuts" come in different shapes and bag sizes, however the most popular retail sizes are the 1.0, 1.5, 15.0, and 20.0 cubic foot bags. Despite the environmental concerns and the other negatives associated with the use of "Peanuts" they remain less costly for the shipper and the consumer. Other packing materials that are more environmentally friendly are also considerably more expensive, because they are manufactured. There hasn't been a better inexpensive alternative. Shippers and consumers alike simply did not have an economical choice.

Now there is a CHOICE! Introducing CORRU-FILL®, made from Recycled Corrugated Boxes.
Corru-Fill® is the first complete environmentally correct packing material to ever be offered at the retail level. Corru-Fill® is 100% naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Corru-Fill® saves energy resources, reduces landfills, increases the life of the trees, another major step in reducing Global Warming.

Corru-Fill®, works by surrounding the entire item 360 degrees. The exposed corrugations (fluting) on each of the one- eighth inch square strips of the Corru-Fill® causes adjacent pieces to catch on to one another, thus forming a lattice. This latticing prevents the item being shipped from moving, shifting or creeping while en route and also provides a corrugated wall between the item and the sides of the box. This eliminates the need to double box and also adds inner strength and integrity to the box, further protecting the item. In concert with this, is the natural buffer of air spaces in each strip of the Corru-Fill®. These air spaces act as a protective cushion, preventing shock to the item. This reduces breakage to practically nil, and negates most of the weight difference between Corru-Fill® and the polystyrene products. You will also find Corru-Fill® to be static free and very user friendly. You can pick it up and place where you want it and it will stay. Try doing that with "Peanuts"? Corru-Fill® is clean and safe for items that need an uncontaminated environment. Not to mention the fact that Corru-Fill® is immediately reusable by the receiver or can be recycled without removing the fill from the box. It will not blow around and become a clean up problem.

BONUS! The Corru-Fill® you buy can be your shipping box, 4 different sizes available. Just save the unused fill.

Compare the cost of the Corru-Fill® verses the cost of "Peanuts" or any other packing material currently on today's market. Let's use the polystyrene "Peanuts" as an example. When it comes to perceived value of what you get for your dollar verses what you spend, with Corru-Fill® in the mix, there is no contest.
Let me first state, there is no way you can compare a product that can be compressed with one that can't. Corru-Fill® is expressed in lbs. per box, while "Peanuts" are expressed in cubic ft. per bag. Now consider all the natural attributes you get when using Corru-Fill®. That's why your perceived value factor is of such significance, what you are getting when you pack and ship with Corru-Fill® verses any other product. Example: A 1.0 cubic ft. bag of "Peanuts" on average retails for about $3.50. A 4.0 lb. Box of Corru-Fill® would retail for about $6.95. However you would be getting equivalent of 2.67 cu. ft. or more than two and a half times more Corru-Fill® for those dollars. Now consider that the 2.67 cu. Ft of "Peanuts'" would cost you $9.35. Again, keep in mind all the natural attributes of Corru-Fill®. For any additional information regarding the use of Corru-Fill® please contact: Corru-Shred Inc 954-942-7873,

This makes Corru-Fill® a "No Brainier" and "Win – Win" product for everybody.

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