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The Corru-Shredder™ can take all your "Old Corrugated Cartons" (OCC) and instantly turn them into a superior new loose fill called Corru-Fill®.
NORMAN D. LEVINE CEO - 2731 NE 14 ST - SUITE B I 19 - POMPANO BEACH FL. 33062 - TEL/FAX (954) 942-7873

Dear Prospect:
Let me thank you in advance for your interest. I am the fellow that invented this new ingenious machine, the Corru-Shredder™. The Corru-Shredder™ can take all your "Old Corrugated Cartons" (OCC) and instantly turn them into a superior new loose fill called Corru-Fill®. Corru-Fill® is used to pack and ship your finish goods. A Corru-Shredder™ actually doesn't shred at all, it scissor cuts the corrugated into the desired format, then blow dusts, vacuums and sanitizes the Corru-Fill® with a special non-toxic biocide spray we developed for paper products.
Being an inventor and manufacture of Sports related products for over twenty years and enduring the growth of all the incoming corrugated that we all had to deal with everyday, is what inspired this invention. Practically every business and especially manufacturers have an abundance of "OCC" coming in the back door from raw materials, etc. This "OCC" can become very costly to dispose of and be a genuine nuisance no matter what you try. Now, for the very first time, it is possible for a company to take advantage and control of this continuous influx of "OCC" with the help of the Corru-Shredder™. You can now turn a costly negative situation into a profitable positive situation.

You will immediately start to gain the following benefits:

  • Immediate reduction in waste pickup costs. Dollars go to your bottom line.
  • Never again having to buy loose fill for shipping. Dollars go to your bottom line.
  • Able to advertise that you are "Environmentally Correct" using the "Recycling Logos".
  • Profit Center, the sale of all your extra Corru-Fill® back to your distributor. Dollars go to your bottom line.
Corru-Fill® works by surrounding the entire item 360 degrees. The exposed corrugations (fluting) on each of the one-eighth inch square strips of the Corru-Fill® causes adjacent pieces to catch on to one another, thus forming a lattice. This latticing prevents the item being shipped from moving, shifting or creeping while en route and also provides a supportive corrugated wall between the item and the sides of the box. This adds inner strength and integrity to the box further protecting the item. This eliminates the need to double box and in concert with this, is the natural buffer of air spaces in each strip of the Corru-Fill®. These air spaces act as a protective cushion, preventing shock to the item. This reduces breakage to practically nil and negates most of the weight difference between Corru-Fill® and the polystyrene products. You will also find Corru-Fill® to be static free and very user friendly. You can pick it up and place where you want it and it will stay. Try doing that with "Peanuts"? Corru-Fill® is clean and safe for items that need an uncontaminated environment. Not to mention the fact that Corru-Fill® is immediately reusable by the receiver or can be recycled without removing the fill from the box. It will not blow around and become a major clean up problem.

Sun Container Inc. is the Corru-Shred distributor for Broward County. Thru Sun Container equipment is available. There are three machines available, two different size Corru-Shredders™ and the Corru-Slitter™. The small Corru-Shredder™ has a footprint of 8 feet, is a mobile unit on wheels, self contained and considered a light to medium duty machine (110v). The large Corru-Shredder™ has a footprint of 12 feet considered medium to heavy duty, a stationary machine, (220v). The Corru-Slitter™ has a footprint of 3 feet, is on wheels and is set up to accompany the appropriate Corru-Shredder™. All the machines are terrific at what they do. Two patents have been awarded thus far, one on the Corru-Shredder™ and the other on the end product Corru-Fill®.

Once you have made your decision to consider the purchase of a Corru-Shredder™ your next step is to contact Sun Container for a free "Analysis Survey". This survey will show you whether or not you generate enough corrugated to warrant the purchase of the equipment. The survey will also provide you with real numbers, for the pay back time, as well as all of your bottom line savings. The additional profit, from the sale of your excess Corru-Fill® is a bonus and is also considered. If the survey shows you do not generate enough "OCC" you will still benefit by becoming more aware of your current costs and gain new ideas and insight into cost reduction and cost savings.

However, If you do generate enough "OCC" then the Corru-Shredder™ can go to work processing and converting your free supply of "OCC" into Corru-Fill®. You in turn will enjoy the success of creating a big savings and new bottom line dollars for your company. I will be happy to provide additional information, but remember seeing is believing, when you request our video. The Corru-Shredder™ is an immediate asset and profit center.


Norman D. Levine

Corru-Shred, Inc., 2731 NE 14th Street, Suite B-119, Pompano Beach, FL 33062. Tel: 954-942-7873; Fax: 954-942-7873.